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Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.


Hear, mankind: in our part
– voice of the Intuition–
it says to sing love forever
through solicitous formula music
in praise of GOD:

(the last words of the final scene of WEDNESDAY from light)
Saturday (25) saw myself and number 1 head off to Birmingham to see Stockhausen – MITTWOCH aus LICHT (Wednesday from light) 6 and a bit hours of sometimes quite surreal fun is the only way I can describe it

Set in the Argyle Works, (a disused factory the space was needed), it was the first time the piece had been performed in it entirety, (and properly the last due to the cost and complexity of the piece). We arrived about half an hour before the performance started to find to our delight two of the most beautiful camels, (yes we did have a stroke), which only reinforced the feeling that this was going to be something really special.

Part one – Greetings

Sitting on randomly placed camping stools the lights are turned out leaving you in near total darkness and then the first strains of music can be heard, soon as your eyes adapted to the dark shadowy figures can be made out. Then it’s a game of turning around on your little stool to look out for the shadowy figures has they appear and disappear just as quickly, a little light is then given as each part is performed, pregnant women, playing children, a walking tree, a young girl blowing bubbles and much more.

From here we walked through a doorway which was lit with a bright yellow light, (the colour of Wednesday) into a room and took out seats on mats on the floor surrounded by bright yellow umpire seats for

Part two – Parliament

Here the president summons the parliamentarians to a session in which love is up for debate. About half way though a security guard comes in and stops the performance and asks for the owner of a car with registration number M for Mittwoch 12 to remove it has it was blocking an entrance, the president leaves and a new one is elected debating continues and an agreement is made.
(A little bit of world parliament filmed by me up loaded by number 1, sorry about the filming, I was too busy watching, in fact all the video here are from us).

Part three – Orchestra Finalists

This is the part I enjoyed the most, lying on the floor the orchestra are suspended on chairs above you, which travel up and down, (and I will admit there were a few times I thought I hope they don’t drop anything because it won’t half hurt). Where we had decided to lie a Perspex stage was rolled over us at one point. As you listen to the music actors wander around the room and sometimes get uncomfortably close as they perform. ‘A swimming pool with elephants’ which was a paddling pool with a trombonist splashed about in. Steam trains and low flying birds and many other things added to the fun.

Leaving this room we move back to the first room and the camping stools for

Part four – helicopter String Quartet

Which is just that, we meet the quartet and then watch them leave the building climb on board the helicopters, take of, fly over Birmingham playing, all by live stream TV, (there have been a few bad reports about this part, but for me I thought it was fantastic), once they had landed they came back into the building for a Q&A, this was the bit that spoiled it for me. For me it had given it a college/lecture feel, totally disrupted the mood.


Part five – Michaelion

Seated on the floor

Set in a galactic centre for delegates of the universe and with Luzikamel a singing, speaking, drinking camel who poos plants and squashes a trombonist. Michaelion and Eve decided that Lucifer can be saved.


Part six- Farewell

The final part of the musical piece number 1 stayed in the room for this I went into the next room to listen to it and watch the projected films, plus I got to stroke Luzikamel.


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