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Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

So lets see what this month holds,

Your services will be in great demand throughout early September. Tut I wanted a rest


Don’t let a friend manipulate you into making a loan on or around the 3rd.  I don’t have anything to load, so that won’t be a problam


The 4th is perfect for a creative collaboration with a powerful artist. Oh I don’t think I know any.


Follow a doctor’s advice to the letter near the 5th; you’ll feel so much better as a result. That will be hard as I don’t go to the Drs any more.


Don’t contradict an authority figure on the 7th, even if you know you are right. OK I shall try to remember not too


Take a friend or relative’s promise with a grain of salt on the 9th. I always take promises with a grain of salt, (funny number 1’s says the same for around that time too, it also says he should be careful around the 19th or he could get in very serious trouble with the authorities)


The 10th is perfect for making a public presentation. I don’t think so, I will be laying a new path.


Electric sexual encounters are slated for mid-month. hahahahaha


Treat yourself to a makeover when the New Moon falls on the 16th. OK I will get my hair cut then


Don’t be so hasty to change for a sexual partner near the 19th. He knows better than to try and change me


Beware of identity theft on or around the 29th. That’s a bit scary, given my emails have been hacked.


September closes with a steamy physical encounter ooooh really?


It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be  that good a month, TUT



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Some cause happiness wherever they go.. Others, whenever they go.

This type of article drives me made, make a meal for under £5. The price is worked out on what you use in the dish, and given that (as far as I know) you can’t buy 1 egg, 1 spring onion, 1 tablespoon of mayo, it’s going to cost more than £5.  Another one that drives me mad is the list of ingredients then the ‘from your store cupboard’ you had to pay to put the things in your store cupboard. So no you can’t make a meal for four for under £5.


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“I have gained and lost the same ten pounds so many times over and over again my cellulite must have déjà vu.”

– Jane Wagner

Another week nearly over, TUT, where does the time go?

Have you noticed how long it is taking the morning sun to make an appearance as well, its 5.48 and still dark?

I had a whoopee-do moment when I stood on the scales to find I had dropped to under 12 stone, 11 stone 13 I am now. (Oh it is Yoda I am sounding like). Yes I know it’s only a pound under but believe me for me that is a whoopee-do moment.

The builders have been and the house is now re-pointed, they found out why we were having so much trouble with the back window and that has now been fixed. But the mess, the mess, but as they say ‘you can’t make a cake without breaking eggs’

We went out for mom-in-laws birthday last week-end, we went to Flavourz,  it’s one of those all you can eat places. I will admit that I used to enjoy these types of places and yes I would start at one end of the counter and work my way along, I suppose because it was a novelty at first. But now when I go out for a meal I like to be served. I sit in these places now and all I can see and think about is all the waste, people piling food onto their plates and pushing half of it away but then going to get another plate full. I know I shouldn’t say what I am about to say but… most of the people piling their plates sky high could do with missing a few meals. Oooh hark at me, yes I know I am over weight but nothing like these people. I also find it rather irritating when I put only what I know I am going to eat on my plate and only have three courses to be told by other people to ‘have some more, you are paying for it, you don’t have to eat it all.’ Just because it’s eat all you want that doesn’t mean make yourself sick! Ok rant over. Heehee.

Here’s a good book Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis. Dr Tod. T. Friendly is a Nazi war criminal who escapes his body just before he dies. Tod then watches his body live its life backwards Tod knows it’s him but can’t understand what is happening and we the reader see how this old scared man became what he was. I found parts of the book set in the death camps quite surreal as people have their teeth put back in and are battered back to life. A good read.

The look on the dogs face says it all

(Just before posting I heard that Tony has died, at last he has peace)

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I am not average, well I can’t be. Every article I read, every program I listen too contains statistics saying the average person can do this, the average person can do that, the average person spends this much on… I sit there thinking well I can’t do that, I don’t spend that much on, therefore I can’t be an average person. I must therefore be an extraordinary person, ooh that’s brighten my day.


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Common sense is not so common.


58 year old Tony Nicklinson has been denied the right to die. Tony suffers from locked in syndrome due to a stroke, he has no movement below the neck and has to be cared for 24/7, Tony’s mind is not effected, he as full control of his thoughts, Tony has had enough, and he wants to die. Because of his condition he will need help if he wants to die quickly, all he wants is for his doctor to be allowed to help him. His only other option is to starve himself to death, a long and painful way to go.

If Tony were able bodied he would be able to take his own life and there would be nothing anyone could do about that, no one would be held responsible.

In this day and age when we are being told we must give the same rights to everyone no matter what doesn’t it seem odd that the right to die is being denied a man who is fully mentally capable of make that decision, just because he can’t physically do it himself.

While I understand that we do need a law to help look after and protected those that are not mentally capable of making decisions, we cannot and should not think for everyone.

Stop and think really hard if you had to live this mans life, could you, would you want too?


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Do well and you will have no need for ancestors.


Are we has a human race naturally pessimistic, or is it that some people really can see into the future? After watching the above video, which is scarily coming true, I began to think about books I have read about the future and I can’t think of one that as a ‘Happy Ending’ can these authors see what is coming, or are we making it happen because we are all convinced there is no hope for us? I would like to think that the human race is not that stupid that it would start another world war, but just look at it’s track record, I have no doubt there will be another war, a world war 111, but there will be very little left after it, only the rich and powerful will survive because they are the only ones who will know it’s coming and be prepared. But then who will do all the dirty work?


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One great use of words is to hide our thoughts.


I have found three ant nests in our garden, so I have put down ant powder, then on a walk into town I noticed every garden, drive and path also has ant powder down, enough of the stuff to kill every ant around, well you would think so. If the stuff worked we wouldn’t have the ants would we?


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