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“I have gained and lost the same ten pounds so many times over and over again my cellulite must have déjà vu.”

– Jane Wagner

Another week nearly over, TUT, where does the time go?

Have you noticed how long it is taking the morning sun to make an appearance as well, its 5.48 and still dark?

I had a whoopee-do moment when I stood on the scales to find I had dropped to under 12 stone, 11 stone 13 I am now. (Oh it is Yoda I am sounding like). Yes I know it’s only a pound under but believe me for me that is a whoopee-do moment.

The builders have been and the house is now re-pointed, they found out why we were having so much trouble with the back window and that has now been fixed. But the mess, the mess, but as they say ‘you can’t make a cake without breaking eggs’

We went out for mom-in-laws birthday last week-end, we went to Flavourz,  it’s one of those all you can eat places. I will admit that I used to enjoy these types of places and yes I would start at one end of the counter and work my way along, I suppose because it was a novelty at first. But now when I go out for a meal I like to be served. I sit in these places now and all I can see and think about is all the waste, people piling food onto their plates and pushing half of it away but then going to get another plate full. I know I shouldn’t say what I am about to say but… most of the people piling their plates sky high could do with missing a few meals. Oooh hark at me, yes I know I am over weight but nothing like these people. I also find it rather irritating when I put only what I know I am going to eat on my plate and only have three courses to be told by other people to ‘have some more, you are paying for it, you don’t have to eat it all.’ Just because it’s eat all you want that doesn’t mean make yourself sick! Ok rant over. Heehee.

Here’s a good book Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis. Dr Tod. T. Friendly is a Nazi war criminal who escapes his body just before he dies. Tod then watches his body live its life backwards Tod knows it’s him but can’t understand what is happening and we the reader see how this old scared man became what he was. I found parts of the book set in the death camps quite surreal as people have their teeth put back in and are battered back to life. A good read.

The look on the dogs face says it all

(Just before posting I heard that Tony has died, at last he has peace)

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you are being watched

Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

A spy on every corner

I have mixed feelings about this. On one hand I think what a waste of money on the other hand I think good catch and fine these people who flaut the laws. None of us like to see litter everywhere or pick our way around dog-do, and I wish we could have a few town hall spys to catch out the idiot who lights bon-fires at all times of the day and lets their dogs bark all night.

I have had my email hacked!! Little buggers, but I will say Yahoo were very quick off the mark to tell me.


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Common sense is not so common.


58 year old Tony Nicklinson has been denied the right to die. Tony suffers from locked in syndrome due to a stroke, he has no movement below the neck and has to be cared for 24/7, Tony’s mind is not effected, he as full control of his thoughts, Tony has had enough, and he wants to die. Because of his condition he will need help if he wants to die quickly, all he wants is for his doctor to be allowed to help him. His only other option is to starve himself to death, a long and painful way to go.

If Tony were able bodied he would be able to take his own life and there would be nothing anyone could do about that, no one would be held responsible.

In this day and age when we are being told we must give the same rights to everyone no matter what doesn’t it seem odd that the right to die is being denied a man who is fully mentally capable of make that decision, just because he can’t physically do it himself.

While I understand that we do need a law to help look after and protected those that are not mentally capable of making decisions, we cannot and should not think for everyone.

Stop and think really hard if you had to live this mans life, could you, would you want too?


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To be a star, you must shine your own light,

follow your own path and don’t worry about

the darkness for that is when

stars shine the brightest.

So the olympics hasn’t brought in the amount of tourists that it was thought it would and for some places it’s been the kiss of death as people who would have normally taken holidays at this time of year have stayed away. There are seven Cameroon athletes missing, thoughts are they are hoping to stay here for ‘economic reasons’. I hope they find them and send them home, we can’t keep taking people in. Then this little gem UK tax payers to fund a scheme to improve prisons in other countries. Why doesn’t this government look after its own first, we have elderly people having trouble making ends meet, god knows how many homeless and that’s about to rise when the cut’s in housing benefit kick in.

That’s better I have it off my chest now 🙂


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Well the washer gave up on life, and I can’t say it hadn’t warned me it was about to do so, it’s been leaking for months. So off we went to Comet to look for another one, not as easy as it sounds. What’s wrong with having just four buttons? All I need is an off/on switch, a temperature switch, a length of wash switch and a spin speed. One machine there had that many buttons on it I swear you could have launched a spaceship with it, and the price of them, some over a £1000. We had one that was on sale. If I have a £1000 I wouldn’t be spending it on a washer.

Mary Tamm has died  (Dr. Who fans will know her although she did do lots of other work), so sad and only 62 that’s no age at all.

This story caught my eye this morning. A 3D film cured a mans sight and yesterday this story about honey curing another mans eye problems, but we all know Honey is a great healer.

Oh and they have made The life of Pi into a film, I loved the book so can’t wait to see this


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If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.

Well this Olympic thing is turning into a bit of a cock-up, first not enough security, then the wrong flag hoisted for the Korean women’s football, and now refunds having to be given because not everyone will be able to see the diving because of the shape of the roof. What next?

The man in the high castle by Philip K. Dick is a very good book, I know because I have just finished it.


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What is happening with the weather, floods here in the UK and in China and Russia, heat waves that are killing people in the USA and Australia and now tornadoes in Poland. Is this the beginning of the end of the world as we know it? Well the Maya’s seem to think that the world has we know it will end this year, and given the weather, you know, just thinking out loud.


Still busy.

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