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Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Towards the end of last month we took a trip to Symphony Hall to see Dracula: The music and film, Bela Lugosi in all his glory, the music was composed by Philip Glass for the Kronos Quartet who were hailed as ‘classical music’s own Fab Four’ by the Rolling Stone magazine. All good fun, but I couldn’t believe some of the comments I heard on the way out, some along the lines of ‘What was all the face pulling about?’ The film was made in 1931 actors pulled over the top faces then; have these people never watch old films? Another was ‘I didn’t realise Dracula was such a silly story’ have these people never read the book, don’t they realise the film was an adaptation and only loosely based on the real story, and the best of all, ‘you could tell the bats weren’t real’!!

I went back to the ophthalmologist for more tests; I have thicking of the cornea, It’s just a laugh a minute this getting old lark.

The bank holiday weekend we picked up the Wendy house and headed for Chelmarsh where we camped on Denn farm. It’s a lovely quiet place with cows and a very handsome looking bull, hens, peahens, horses, and a very friendly dog. It also has a well stocked fishing pond which you can walk around and a small woodland walk where you can look for fairies. (Yes we found them in a tree).

On the first full day we headed for Bridgnorth because hubby had been told they had a really good market, (it wasn’t that good), but we had a nice time wandering around the old parts of the town, the ruins and had a look around St. Leonards church. We also walked all the steps and the cartway.

Sunday the weather forecast promised rain and lots of it so we headed for Wales to the dams; it was very misty over the top which gave the place a very creepy feel. We then headed for Borth, but the winds were that strong we couldn’t get the car doors open, so we headed back to Bridgnorth and took a look around Daniels Mill, which is a lovely family run mill. On returning to the camp site we found that the rain had been very heavy, the ground sheet was floating, (but that’s nothing to what Wales had).

Monday we did manage to get the Chelmarsh to  Chelmarsh reservoir walk in, it was marked as a 4 mile walk we did about 5 ½ as the map hubby had printed off the internet wasn’t up to date. The first difficulty we came across was a gate we were supposed to go through nailed shut, as we could see no obvious way around this and not wanting to walk all the way back we climbed the gate. In this field a very pretty horse came running up to us stopped with a foot of us, looked at us, turned round and walked away, a little further along this field another horse did the same, we weren’t who they were expecting. At the end of this field we found the way mark sign, (so we were in the right place) and entered another field which could have done with the track being cut as the grass was knee high and continued along to the road. Now according to our map we had to walk up this road until we came to a concealed drive and go right through a gateway then across the field. Yep you’ve guessed it no gateway, so we continued up  and around the road, (where looking over the fences we could see the track and markers in the field), until we found the next stile, which had barbed wire around it, we crossed it into a field full of sheep who ran full pelt at us stopping when they were right by us, then proceed to follow us across the field stopping and starting every time we did until we came to and crossed the next stile. It was quite funny.

We packed up Tuesday and came home, to all the washing and drying and cleaning, ahh such is life.



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Another walk

Always laugh when you can. It is cheaper than medicine…

On Thursday we decided to walk from Porth to Fistral Beach, this is not a pretty walk most of it goes through the high street and houses of Newquay. I didn’t like Newquay, too busy, too many shops and fast food places. We took a look at the memorial and the Huer’s hut which was used as a look out for the pilchard shoals then went onto Towan Head. We walked to the top where you can look back at the bays and onto Fistral, we also watched some people coasteering which looked like fun, mmmm wouldn’t mind giving that a go. Then we walked on to Fistral where we sat with a cuppa and watched the surfers. After walking back hubby wanted to go to Bodmin but by the time we got there it was too late to do anything.


Friday we walked on to Porth Island and then took the coastal path to Mawgan, this is a pretty walk, with lovely views of the bays I thought Watergate bay was the best. At one point we came across a stream and followed it down to the cliff edge where it went over into the sea in a wonderful waterfall. We sat here to have our picnic. Once in Mawgan we took the bus back to Porth and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the zoo.  As it was our last night we went to the Mermaid for tea, the Mermaid is right on the beach and does lovely food at a reasonable price, and then it was one last walk on the beach before bed.


I do find it hard to understand some people sometimes. New campers moved in on Friday and set up, when we got up Saturday morning the site was covered in rubbish, they had put their rubbish into black bags and left them outside their van, the gulls had ripped them to bits. Now to me this is just being bone idle, the bins were all of 20 steps away.

When we were packing away I looked up to see deer in the trees just above us, what a way to finish the week.



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Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: “I am with you kid. Let’s go.” ~Maya Angelou


We headed out for the bus to Porthcothan which turned into a magical mystery tour as there were roads closed and the driver wasn’t sure where he was going and at one point didn’t know where he was, but he kept us entertained and we saw some lovely little villages. When we did reach Porthcothan it was only a couple of minutes later than the timetable stated anyway. The intention had been to walk back to camp (around eight miles) but it didn’t turn out that way. This part of the coast line is beautifully and the sea so blue you could have been on the med, but the walking is hard, isn’t it funny how some coastal paths are easy and other so hard. The day got hotter and hotter and by the time we got to Bedruthan Steps my feet and legs had started to swell, (I get this a lot in the heat). So we came off the walk at Mawgan porth and caught the bus back, (it was getting on in time too as we kept stopping to take in the views). Back at the Wendy house hubby pulled of my walking shoes to revile a very black foot, a lot of rubbing soon brought the blood back to it. Haha. So in the end we did around 4 mile


The ice-cream incident

The weather forecast wasn’t too good for the day so we got in the car and headed for St.Issac, (where Dr. Martin is filmed). It’s amazing what a camera angle can do, it’s not half as pretty as it looks on TV. The school is a hotel and no you can’t have your photo taken outside of Dr Martin’s house because there are posts and chains with private property signs over it. Yes I know it’s someone’s house but hubby had a good idea, he said they could put a box outside and ask people who want their photo taken by the house to pay a pound, then this could be given to the life boat or air ambulance charities, and if you are happy to let your house be used for a TV series, (and accept the money) you should be prepared to put up with tourists.

We then went on to Padstow which is a lovely little fishing port, fab fish and chips. This is where I ate the blue bubble gum ice-cream and ended up walking around Padstow with a blue face, I did wonder at the smirk on hubby’s face.

Later we took the kite onto the island and played happily for quite sometime, £2.99 to be transported back to childhood



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Back and rested

People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live.

Things that you must do on a seaside holiday,

Build sand castles

Eat fish and chips at a fishing port

Eat ice-cream but be careful of the flavour, this is the result of bubble gum flavour which dyed my tongue, teeth and lips blue, and can you believe hubby waited until we were back at the car before telling me I had some ice-cream on my face, when I looked in the mirror I looked like the Joker! I wondered why I was getting funny looks.


And a new one fly a kite

We have been on a break, (as if you hadn’t guessed). We hitched up the Wendy house and headed south to  Cornwall,  to Porth to be exact. We had a good run down starting out a 6.45 we didn’t hit any traffic which was a surprise given that it was a bank holiday and were on camp for just turned 12. The site  was lovely and clean and just over the road from Porth beach. We pitched right by the stream, so I could feed the ducks amongst other things, (rabbits, seagulls, big black birds that looked a little like crows). After setting up we took a walk down the beach, down one side then paddled and back up the other side, made a sand castle and had a very nice blackberry ice-cream.

We then took a drive out to get our bearings ready to start our holiday.


More tomorrow


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Happy Holiday

Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!

Ok I am sorted, well sort off.

We have just spent a few days in the Delamere forest
photo’s here.

After setting up camp we headed into the forest to the Delamere Christmas bit  with the promise of a glass of mulled wine and a bowl of stew and a ride on the Christmas train, (yes we are big kids), what else could we do? Only to find when we got there the only stalls open were the chip stall and a stall selling donuts/candyfloss and sweets. So we had chips and tea and sat on a bench listening to the piped Christmas music, all very Christmassy. The train arrived but a school trip was loaded on and it took off again. We thought that maybe we were a little late in the day, (2.30) even though the website says it is open all day. We decided to try again another day.

On Tuesday we headed out for a walk and decided to do the Delamere forest and Pale Hill walk, which was a nice walk, (short walk because the weather wasn’t being too kind) Route and info hereYes I am being lazy, but it is said so much better there. Blakemere Moss was both eerie and stunningly beautiful and yes we did walk a little way out into it. It was a freezing cold day and despite having two jumpers a fleece and a top water proof coat on I was still cold, at the end of the walk we took a detour back to the Delamere Christmas with Delamere stew and mulled wine on our minds, (12.30, surely we will get it now), well no. The only stalls open were the same ones as the day before, and they weren’t cooking stew. So it was a hot pork cob and tea again, and again any chance of a ride on the train was out of the question as yet again school trip after school trip were lined up to ride. I think they need to re write their web page to state that all stalls are not open all day, (like it says) and no you can’t ride the train in the week, (like it gives the impression that you can).

Wednesday we got the train into Chester,it was lovely getting on a clean roomy train, I have never been on a train where the seats are like the ones that used to be on old buses. Chester is a lovely wall city with lots of history. We started the day with a look at the Roman Amphitheatre, which I took this photo of, which is not very good, but those lights weren’t there when I took the photo, tut they spoil it completely!
From there we got onto the wall, it is possible to walk the wall right the way around the city, so we did. We had a spot of lunch by the river then headed into the town. We took a look at St. John the Baptist Cathedral which is just a ruin now, and took a walk through the Roman gardens. Another walk through Grosvenor Park where the squirrels run at you and sit right by your feet so you have no choice but to stop, obviously people feed them, but we had nothing. We also had a look around Grosvenor museum which was very interesting. What I was disappointed with was the Cathedral, the outside is beautiful however the inside is somewhat lacking, it just doesn’t seem to give what the outside offers. It cost us £11 to get in, (I always think there’s something very wrong with having to paid to see inside a church), and given we had paid to see the inside I was disappointed that a section of it had scaffolding and TV cameras in it, another part was closed off as it was full of more cameras and the cleaner was still in there doing the hovering. If you do go to visit stick to the outside and don’t bother going in. We spent a few hours wandering around the shops, yes us, the pair that hate shopping with a passion, but these were different shops. Old tobacconist’s, a specialist vinegar and oil shop with barrels of vinegar, real vintage clothes, I fell in love with a beaded 1930s dress, curiosity shops and a shop front hubby had to drag me away from which had a lovely dolls house in.  As evening set in we went back onto the wall to see the lights in all there glory, and listened to this group of men playing Jingle bells, it was the only tune they knew, but they were giving it their all and everyone who went passed smiled and had a little dance, you just couldn’t help  yourself.

Thursday the weather forecast was awful so we headed for the coast first stopping at Ross-on-Sea for a walk on the front and a spot of lunch and then onto Llandudno.  We walked the pier,  (as you all know I love a pier) and had a wander around the shops, yes shops again good old fashioned seaside shops, you know the sort full of c*&p I mean treasures. The weather turned very cold and wet so we headed back to the car and onto the toll road onto the Great Orme,  we rode to the summit and looked out to sea, not that you could see a lot with all the cloud, heehee

All too soon Friday came around and it was time to pack away and head home, in the snow. Yes would you believe it, it waited for us to start packing away. This is the robin I was feeding from the window, (see no snow) 5 minutes later


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Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

John Ruskin

When I got up yesterday morning the sky was clear the stars were a twinkling and the air had a nip in it, it fair put me in the mood so it did. So I slapped my traditional carols from Ely Cathedral in the CD player. I love a good choir and set to work, first I baked a Christmas cake only a small one this year as I am the only one who eats it, made 5lb of mincemeat, a dozen or so mince pies, number 1 as been eating them since September. A Christmas bomb, (a Panettone shell stuffed with iced-cream, cherries and candy peel laced with brandy) there was enough Panettone left over to make a bread and butter pudding and I have put some in the freezer for the Christmas trifles, Wilkinson’s are selling the Panettone at the moment at £3.00 for a 1lb 15 1/5 oz cake, you can’t make it for that, and a soda bread.

So to the first full day, the weather was dull and very windy and we decided to walk from the site at Pitton Cross to Rhossili along the coastal path. This is quite an easy path most of it being flat-ish. There’s a very steep ascent towards the beginning and a steep rock decent in the middle. This walk takes you above and gives wonderful views of Mewslade Bay and Fall Bay. We were going to walk out to the Worms Head but had caught the tides wrong, so we continued round to Rhossili Bay where we had a cup of tea before descending the numerous steps (lost count) onto the beach, where we saw the wreck of the Helvetia which was wrecked in 1887, this photo is more up to date than most on the net, (well it would be I have only just taken it). After the long walk along the beach we took the path up and walked back along the track amongst the ponies and watched the buzzards hunting. The light was beginning to fade fast so we caught the bus back to camp. (around 10 mile walked)

Day two we headed to Oxwich Bay to walk along the beach to Three Cliffs, this can be done when the tide is out. Again we miss timed this walking quicker than we thought we were, we walk two bays to find the tide still in so took the path up onto the coastal walk to walk over the top to the last bay and then down onto the beach. This is where the weather turned really bad with high winds and heavy rain, I didn’t fancy doing the coastal walk back so we walked back along the beach, in fact we had the beach to ourselves, well all except for the gulls. The cliffs did look wonderfully dramatic with the rain lashing and the mist hanging on them. With no signs of the weather letting up we headed for Mumbles to have a look at their Victorian pier, it was closed, well the bit out to the sea was, so we played at ramming each other with galleons and had a game of air hockey before having a cuppa and taking a drive around some of the little villages, and you don’t often see this, well not here in the Black country anyway. Yes they are cows on a round about. (around 8 mile walked).

Day three saw us back at the Worms head, this time to cross it, not an easy walk. You have a choice of climbing over the large rocks or picking your way through the small pathways of small stones and mussel shells and a round rock pools. We did a mix of both, it can get very slippery, then it’s a little scramble onto the head, but its well worth it if you can manage it. We learnt a long time ago that when on cliffs you must look over the edges and we weren’t disappointed, we saw seals basking in the autumn sun. We also saw this, It’s a long lost man who fell down the rocks and after many years is dragging himself up. Well that’s the story we made up, but can you see the man?

Once back on the main land we headed for Llangennith to look for the Blue pool, it would have helped if we had been on the right beach! Haha, never mind I want to go back as there is so much there we didn’t have time to see.

join us on the walk, well take a look at the photos

And take me back…


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Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can. ~Danny Kaye

OK who recognises this house? Want a clue? Think miracle, think Gwen, think Captain Jack. Yep it’s the cottage from Torchwood, and it’s on Rhossili Bay, well just above it.

As you can see we have spent the last few days at the Gower Peninsular, The weather wasn’t too brilliant, warm but very over cast and misty/foggy and one day of rain, but it didn’t matter, it’s still a very beautiful place.
So after parking up and setting up the Wendy house we decided to take the short walk to Ramsgrove (2 Mile round trip), the walk starts from the campsite and goes over farm land with sheep and cows that no matter how much waving of arms and shouting of GERR OOOFFF and a warning of Yorkshire puddings wouldn’t leave us alone to walk around the edge of the field. The path finally reaches the coastal path. Then it is just a matter of scrambling down a steep rocky slope onto a rocky pathway which leads to the pebble beach. The tide was on the way in so we stood and watched the waves crashing against the rocks, the same route is taken back to the camp. We then went for a drive out to Mumbles for fish and chips and to watch the sea.


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