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Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.

So lets see what this month holds,

Your services will be in great demand throughout early September. Tut I wanted a rest


Don’t let a friend manipulate you into making a loan on or around the 3rd.  I don’t have anything to load, so that won’t be a problam


The 4th is perfect for a creative collaboration with a powerful artist. Oh I don’t think I know any.


Follow a doctor’s advice to the letter near the 5th; you’ll feel so much better as a result. That will be hard as I don’t go to the Drs any more.


Don’t contradict an authority figure on the 7th, even if you know you are right. OK I shall try to remember not too


Take a friend or relative’s promise with a grain of salt on the 9th. I always take promises with a grain of salt, (funny number 1’s says the same for around that time too, it also says he should be careful around the 19th or he could get in very serious trouble with the authorities)


The 10th is perfect for making a public presentation. I don’t think so, I will be laying a new path.


Electric sexual encounters are slated for mid-month. hahahahaha


Treat yourself to a makeover when the New Moon falls on the 16th. OK I will get my hair cut then


Don’t be so hasty to change for a sexual partner near the 19th. He knows better than to try and change me


Beware of identity theft on or around the 29th. That’s a bit scary, given my emails have been hacked.


September closes with a steamy physical encounter ooooh really?


It doesn’t sound like it’s going to be  that good a month, TUT



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