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You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

Hubby, ‘You have worked hard today cutting those trees out and moving that grapevine’

Me, ‘It only took the morning’

Hubby, ‘When did you plant that new tree?’

Me, ‘What new tree?’

Hubby, ‘The one by the shed’

Me, ‘It’s the old tree I have just pinned it back’

Hubby, ‘No it’s definitely a new tree’

I go to look…

It’s the pea plants growing.


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I have great faith in fools; self-confidence my friends call it.
Edgar Allan Poe

I found myself talking to the TV this morning, (not unusual). There was a report on how to save electric by turning off the standby switches, here’s a thought why do manufactures put standby switches on anyway. Our TV and DVD both have lights on even when not in use and the only way to turn them off is to turn them off at the mains, which means getting down on hands and knees and crawling behind a cupboard, the digital box can only be turned off by doing the same thing, then takes time to reset when it’s reconnected. The phone will only work if it’s plugged in and I was told not to keep unplugging the computer from the mains as it didn’t do the computer a lot of good. Another bright idea was to only warm the water in your kettle to drinking point when making a cuppa, have you ever had tea made with un-boiled water? YAK! We also have a gas cooker that will only work when plugged into the mains, why because of ‘elf and safty’ (there is now a switch that lets the gas through to stop leaks, but it only works if plugged in, which means if the electric goes off we can’t use the cooker even though it is gas, (safty seems to be confusing some of you, it means daft)).

Lonesome George has died, the last of his kind, that’s very sad. 😦

A break through of sorts in identifying autism

And if this is true there’s no hope for me haha

Could this be a new way to diagnose Parkinsons


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You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.

Are we getting a summer this year? I only ask out of curiosity, you know what with everywhere being so wet and well rotting.

Anyway onto The Voyage, (which was rained off on Thursday), we headed off to see it on Saturday (23rd), well two of us did, hubby wasn’t feeling too well so he stayed home. Imagine a 50 foot ship built standing against a town hall, imagine the most haunting music and singing voices, imagine acrobats, high wire walkers, dancers, imagine a light show that transforms all this is into a moving ship that goes down in a storm, imagine girls in large bubbles floating through the crowd, imagine a life raft and when you have find out if the show is coming near you and go see it)I think it’s touring but I could be wrong, which would be a shame). It was/is truly a wonderful hour of perfectly timed entertainment. Here (because I like to be helpful) are a few links to help you on your way.


info and pics

a bit of video and info

video and info

more (better) video

I have been playing with the paint and drills turning old things into new things, over here if you want to see, and I have just finished reading Netherlands by Joseph o’ Neil.

Just think a few more days and we will be in yet another new month!


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It’s a sad man my friend, whose living in his own skin and can’t stand the company.

-Bruce Springsteen

I don’t know how many of you are or have been bikers or know bikers, but did you know that you can get your car licence and drive without an understanding about bike riders. There is a call for some questions to be included in the car test to help to teach non riders what to look out for. If you think this is a good idea please sign this petition it might help to save a life.


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We must learn our limits. We are all something, but none of us are everything.

-Blaise Pascal

I am sitting here listening to Goodnight Lenin and The Destroyers and pondering on something I heard on the news this morning, (which is not easy as I tend to burst into song with Goodnight Lenin and have a dance around to the Destroyers). There’s a call for all new homes to be fitted with not only smoke alarms but with sprinklers as well. A good thing too, some might think, but it’s just another thing that will have to be serviced every year at a cost. What happen to personal reasonability to check that appliances are in good condition, that things are turned off or disconnected, nothing left burning before going out or to bed. This is yet another thing that people will begin to rely on to look after another part of their life, another erosion on common sense. What happens if the unit malfunctions and soaks everything, I can’t imagine the insurance companies paying out too many times for that, or arguing that the unit was not maintain. I sometimes think what would happen if all mod-cons suddenly stop working how many of us would be able to cope, (only those of a certain age I bet).


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And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.

Happy fathers day to all you daddies out there.

I have been a ‘gallivanting’ again (that’s what my mother would have called all these trips out; I can hear her now, ‘Off gallivanting again.’ She didn’t do enough gallivanting in my opinion). Anyway Hubby was away for the weekend with his motor-biking mates so number 1 and I (or is it me) went to Birmingham for the evening, first to Café Soya in the Chinese quart where we ordered two different starters and mains and shared them. We ate Lemongrass chicken skewered sticks, Chilli peppered spare ribs followed by triple seafood with Ho-Fun, Hot and spicy chilli chicken and rice, YUM. We then got the train back to the jewellery quart and it was off to the A E Harris Building to see The Just Price of Flowers by Stans’s café.

The Van Leasings buy a tulip from Van Eek, using money borrowed from Van Hire. The play follows them as they chase their dream of wealth through the growing complexities of futures trading, credit ratings, sub-primes, credit default swaps, and the horror of short selling.

The play explains the complexities of high finance with humour and music, in a straightforward way, whilst setting you up for the inevitable finale, and let’s not forget the origami peacock. Very funny and well done, but then it was Stan’s Café , you can always count on Stan’s Café.

We also watched ‘Goodbye Lenin!’ a really lovely film.

Have a great day.


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To bear failure with courage is the best proof of character that anyone can give.

I predicted that food prices will rise, yes I know everyone knows that’s coming, but you see I have had a walk down the garden and thanks to this blessed weather crops are poor. We only have two apples on the tree and the pears have rotted before they have even grown. As we know we had the very hot spell in February which brought all the crops on and caused a drought, this followed by the cold frosty snap which killed off some of the crops and now the torrential rain, which is water logging everything.

A new series of Primeval starts tonight, this could well be the last series so enjoy. Still no sign of Merlin or the Doctor or Sherlock. True love on BBC 1 Sunday to Wednesday looks like it might be worth a watch. There you go something to keep you out of the rain.


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A work of art is the unique result of a unique temperament.

Oscar Wilde

Saturday (9th) we headed for Cradley to the Chainmakers Festival, I would like to say that it was an improvement on last year, but I would be lying. This year a monument (on the left) was unveiled at the Mary Macarthur memorial gardens to commemorate Mary Macarthur and the chainmakers, it would have been better if they had turned on the mikes, we would have then heard the band and speeches. We then headed for the festival at Bearmore Park. As last year not a lot going on, a few enjoyable folk groups, John Edgar did a ballad, (I just love listening to that man). On the down side, we would have liked to look at the Historic maps but they were in a tent full of kids playing with/learning circus skills, and Billy and Lozz didn’t do their set, in fact the whole place was being packed away before we left at 5, even though it was advertised as being on until 6, but at least it didn’t rain on us this year.

I found this artical fun on yahoo 50 things that make you feel grown up

The list is and the ones in pink are the ones I have
Having a mortgage
Mum and dad no longer make your financial decisions
Paying into a pension (used to when I worked)
Conducting a weekly food shop
Written a Will
Having children
Budgeting every month
Being able to cook an evening meal from scratch
Getting married
Having life insurance
Having a savings account (used to have long gone now)
Knowing what terms like ‘ISA’ and ‘tracker’ mean
Watching the news
Owning a lawn mower (got rid of it no longer have a lawn, veg patch now)
Doing your own washing
Taking trips to the local tip
Planting flowers (plant veg, does that count)
Being able to bleed a radiator
Having a joint bank account
Having a view on politics
Keeping track of interest rates
Finding a messy house annoying
Being able to change a light bulb
Owning a vacuum cleaner
Holding dinner parties
Listening to Radio 2
Enjoying gardening
Spending weekend just ‘pottering’
Mum starts asking you for advice
Carrying spare shopping bags just in case
Like going round garden centres
Wearing coats on a night out
Going to bed before 11pm
Making sure mum and dad are phoned at least once a week
Classing work as a career rather than a job
Repairing torn clothing rather than throwing it away
You iron
You wash up immediately after eating
Enjoy cooking
Buying a Sunday paper
Always going out with a sensible pair of shoes (most of the  time but not always)
You like receiving gift vouchers
Work keeps you awake at night
Filing post
Having a ‘best’ crockery set
Being able to change a car tyre
Being sensible enough to remove make up off before bedtime
Being able to follow a receipt
Owning ‘best towels’ as well as ‘everyday towels’

So I am not quite there yet.


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Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

Towards the end of last month we took a trip to Symphony Hall to see Dracula: The music and film, Bela Lugosi in all his glory, the music was composed by Philip Glass for the Kronos Quartet who were hailed as ‘classical music’s own Fab Four’ by the Rolling Stone magazine. All good fun, but I couldn’t believe some of the comments I heard on the way out, some along the lines of ‘What was all the face pulling about?’ The film was made in 1931 actors pulled over the top faces then; have these people never watch old films? Another was ‘I didn’t realise Dracula was such a silly story’ have these people never read the book, don’t they realise the film was an adaptation and only loosely based on the real story, and the best of all, ‘you could tell the bats weren’t real’!!

I went back to the ophthalmologist for more tests; I have thicking of the cornea, It’s just a laugh a minute this getting old lark.

The bank holiday weekend we picked up the Wendy house and headed for Chelmarsh where we camped on Denn farm. It’s a lovely quiet place with cows and a very handsome looking bull, hens, peahens, horses, and a very friendly dog. It also has a well stocked fishing pond which you can walk around and a small woodland walk where you can look for fairies. (Yes we found them in a tree).

On the first full day we headed for Bridgnorth because hubby had been told they had a really good market, (it wasn’t that good), but we had a nice time wandering around the old parts of the town, the ruins and had a look around St. Leonards church. We also walked all the steps and the cartway.

Sunday the weather forecast promised rain and lots of it so we headed for Wales to the dams; it was very misty over the top which gave the place a very creepy feel. We then headed for Borth, but the winds were that strong we couldn’t get the car doors open, so we headed back to Bridgnorth and took a look around Daniels Mill, which is a lovely family run mill. On returning to the camp site we found that the rain had been very heavy, the ground sheet was floating, (but that’s nothing to what Wales had).

Monday we did manage to get the Chelmarsh to  Chelmarsh reservoir walk in, it was marked as a 4 mile walk we did about 5 ½ as the map hubby had printed off the internet wasn’t up to date. The first difficulty we came across was a gate we were supposed to go through nailed shut, as we could see no obvious way around this and not wanting to walk all the way back we climbed the gate. In this field a very pretty horse came running up to us stopped with a foot of us, looked at us, turned round and walked away, a little further along this field another horse did the same, we weren’t who they were expecting. At the end of this field we found the way mark sign, (so we were in the right place) and entered another field which could have done with the track being cut as the grass was knee high and continued along to the road. Now according to our map we had to walk up this road until we came to a concealed drive and go right through a gateway then across the field. Yep you’ve guessed it no gateway, so we continued up  and around the road, (where looking over the fences we could see the track and markers in the field), until we found the next stile, which had barbed wire around it, we crossed it into a field full of sheep who ran full pelt at us stopping when they were right by us, then proceed to follow us across the field stopping and starting every time we did until we came to and crossed the next stile. It was quite funny.

We packed up Tuesday and came home, to all the washing and drying and cleaning, ahh such is life.



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