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I’ve learned….

That the less time I have to work, The more things I get done..

See told you.
So lets see, since last putting finger to key board we have been for a meal to celebrate nicey nieces 18th (the first of the celebrations), at the Harvester in Halesowen, we won’t be going back there. It took half an hour to remove our dirty plates then a quarter of an hour for them to take the desert order, which they delivered half of and one was supposed to be hot pie and custard which was cold and after waiting 10 minutes we had to ask where the rest were, they then brought the rest but no spoons. By the time the spoons turned up the ice-cream had melted. No I won’t recommend the Harvester in Halesowen and if the excuse is ‘We were busy’ perhaps they shouldn’t book out so many tables.

I had a chat with someone about the stupidity of ‘elf and safty’ not a story because the person knows the person this happen to. Woman three weeks over her due date, she has been to hospital three times in the three weeks and sent back home. Her husband takes their child to school then gets a call to say ‘come home quick’ he dashes back to find his wife on the bathroom floor with the baby which she has delivered herself, the afterbirth has not yet arrived. Hubby phones for an ambulance and it arrives, they ask where the mother is and hubby explains that she is still in the bathroom in some distress and the afterbirth has still not made an appearance. Up stairs they all go, the husband is then told ‘we can’t go in the bathroom, the floor is lino health and safety rules, you will have to get her out,’ they wouldn’t even help him to move her. So whatever you do don’t fall over in the bathroom and break a leg unless you have carpet on the floor.

I bitumen-ed the shed roof to try and stop the leaks, there’s little point in redoing it as we intend moving the whole thing later in the year.

I have spent a lot of time in the garden, everything is growing like mad, we have also put in a couple of leylandii.

The living room is at long last finished.

We went to nicey neicey 18th party, I thought I must be getting old because I thought ‘this music is far too loud for a room this size’ but it wasn’t just me a lot of younger people thought the same, PHEW.

June will soon be here, Wey-hey summer is on the way.


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All bad poetry springs from genuine feeling.

Oscar Wilde

The scream went for 74 million pound I wonder if he ever thought in his wildest dreams one of his paintings would bring that much.

Last night itwas off to Birmingham to see Wings of Desire done with dance and some amazing acrobats and light shows. It’s still on for a couple of more days, so if you can give it a go.

I have finished reading Hanif Kureishi’s My Ear at His Heart. Worth a look at.


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Another walk

Always laugh when you can. It is cheaper than medicine…

On Thursday we decided to walk from Porth to Fistral Beach, this is not a pretty walk most of it goes through the high street and houses of Newquay. I didn’t like Newquay, too busy, too many shops and fast food places. We took a look at the memorial and the Huer’s hut which was used as a look out for the pilchard shoals then went onto Towan Head. We walked to the top where you can look back at the bays and onto Fistral, we also watched some people coasteering which looked like fun, mmmm wouldn’t mind giving that a go. Then we walked on to Fistral where we sat with a cuppa and watched the surfers. After walking back hubby wanted to go to Bodmin but by the time we got there it was too late to do anything.


Friday we walked on to Porth Island and then took the coastal path to Mawgan, this is a pretty walk, with lovely views of the bays I thought Watergate bay was the best. At one point we came across a stream and followed it down to the cliff edge where it went over into the sea in a wonderful waterfall. We sat here to have our picnic. Once in Mawgan we took the bus back to Porth and then spent the rest of the afternoon at the zoo.  As it was our last night we went to the Mermaid for tea, the Mermaid is right on the beach and does lovely food at a reasonable price, and then it was one last walk on the beach before bed.


I do find it hard to understand some people sometimes. New campers moved in on Friday and set up, when we got up Saturday morning the site was covered in rubbish, they had put their rubbish into black bags and left them outside their van, the gulls had ripped them to bits. Now to me this is just being bone idle, the bins were all of 20 steps away.

When we were packing away I looked up to see deer in the trees just above us, what a way to finish the week.



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Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: “I am with you kid. Let’s go.” ~Maya Angelou


We headed out for the bus to Porthcothan which turned into a magical mystery tour as there were roads closed and the driver wasn’t sure where he was going and at one point didn’t know where he was, but he kept us entertained and we saw some lovely little villages. When we did reach Porthcothan it was only a couple of minutes later than the timetable stated anyway. The intention had been to walk back to camp (around eight miles) but it didn’t turn out that way. This part of the coast line is beautifully and the sea so blue you could have been on the med, but the walking is hard, isn’t it funny how some coastal paths are easy and other so hard. The day got hotter and hotter and by the time we got to Bedruthan Steps my feet and legs had started to swell, (I get this a lot in the heat). So we came off the walk at Mawgan porth and caught the bus back, (it was getting on in time too as we kept stopping to take in the views). Back at the Wendy house hubby pulled of my walking shoes to revile a very black foot, a lot of rubbing soon brought the blood back to it. Haha. So in the end we did around 4 mile


The ice-cream incident

The weather forecast wasn’t too good for the day so we got in the car and headed for St.Issac, (where Dr. Martin is filmed). It’s amazing what a camera angle can do, it’s not half as pretty as it looks on TV. The school is a hotel and no you can’t have your photo taken outside of Dr Martin’s house because there are posts and chains with private property signs over it. Yes I know it’s someone’s house but hubby had a good idea, he said they could put a box outside and ask people who want their photo taken by the house to pay a pound, then this could be given to the life boat or air ambulance charities, and if you are happy to let your house be used for a TV series, (and accept the money) you should be prepared to put up with tourists.

We then went on to Padstow which is a lovely little fishing port, fab fish and chips. This is where I ate the blue bubble gum ice-cream and ended up walking around Padstow with a blue face, I did wonder at the smirk on hubby’s face.

Later we took the kite onto the island and played happily for quite sometime, £2.99 to be transported back to childhood



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Back and rested

People will always talk about you, especially when they envy you and the life you live.

Things that you must do on a seaside holiday,

Build sand castles

Eat fish and chips at a fishing port

Eat ice-cream but be careful of the flavour, this is the result of bubble gum flavour which dyed my tongue, teeth and lips blue, and can you believe hubby waited until we were back at the car before telling me I had some ice-cream on my face, when I looked in the mirror I looked like the Joker! I wondered why I was getting funny looks.


And a new one fly a kite

We have been on a break, (as if you hadn’t guessed). We hitched up the Wendy house and headed south to  Cornwall,  to Porth to be exact. We had a good run down starting out a 6.45 we didn’t hit any traffic which was a surprise given that it was a bank holiday and were on camp for just turned 12. The site  was lovely and clean and just over the road from Porth beach. We pitched right by the stream, so I could feed the ducks amongst other things, (rabbits, seagulls, big black birds that looked a little like crows). After setting up we took a walk down the beach, down one side then paddled and back up the other side, made a sand castle and had a very nice blackberry ice-cream.

We then took a drive out to get our bearings ready to start our holiday.


More tomorrow


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“When we lose twenty pounds…we may be losing the best twenty pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty.”

– Woody Allen

I love early mornings, 4, 5 ‘O’ clock in the morning before most of the streets around us are awake is the best time. No screaming kids, no bawling parents, no dogs barking, no bikes or cars revving their engines, no radios blaring. Just birds singing and frogs croaking

I watched two geese fly over this morning and three birds flying away with twigs from the garden a sign that summer is on the way.

What is your favourite time of day?

If you are wandering about the eggs, number 1 now works with someone who has chickens and ducks and quails, yum.


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Don’t ask for a light load,
but rather ask for a strong back.

Well that’s the box room papered, painted, carpeted, new shelves, computer table and wardrobes vamped, but we still don’t have a carpet in the living room. Yes we did buy one and even fitted it, but hubby cut one side wrong and it left a gap. His idea of painting the floor so that it wouldn’t show was met by my number 5 look, (hubby has all my looks numbered, haha), so he rolled the carpet up and put the old one back down, (and this is the carpet which is now down in the box room).

The torrential rain and gales brought to light another problem with the new porch door; we opened the front door to find an indoor waterfall. It’s not everyone who has one of those you know.

I have spent some time in the garden. it’s loving all this rain and I have managed to finish reading J B Priestley’s Angel Pavement, rather a fun read.

Well it’s a new month, lets see what this one brings.


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