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Life: It is about the gift not the package it comes in. ~Dennis P. Costea, Jr

We don’t have information films like this anymore

I remember this one from school


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Soon be April

A poet can survive everything but a misprint.

Oscar Wilde

Well that’s another week nearly over and it has felt just like summer, but that’s not a good thing we need rain.

On Saturday number 1 turned 30,


he wasn’t too pleased with the fact, how does he think I feel? Anyway we headed off to the Bartons Arms for a meal, but sadly it wasn’t up to scratch. We have been there several times before and have never been disappointed but this time it wasn’t as good.

Sunday was a lovely warm day so hubby and I headed out for a walk around Trimpley reservoir and then onto Upper Arley to watch the steam trains. We found a six mile trail which we shall return to do soon.

Tuesday I headed to Walsall with number 1, first we went to the Art Gallery but gave up on the idea very quickly firstly because there was a couple of school outings going on and secondly the building has very large plain glass windows and as it was such a sunny day the light was bouncing off the photos and pictures making it hard work to see anything so we headed to the leather museum. Neither of us had been there before so it was new to us both, it’s a very interesting place it is a shame it’s not bigger. The building dates back to the 19th century and here’s a photo of the back and the garden.

click to make it bigger.

Then we went for a spot of lunch at The Black Country Arms, I ordered a chicken sandwich (expecting that plastic meat) what I got was six little triangles filled with real chicken breast a huge salad and crisps, I had to share the crisps with number 1 as I was quite full after the sandwich and salad. Then it was a look around the shops and home.

Hubby walked in with a note the other morning, what have you got I asked, it’s a note he said, what about I asked? Turns out it was a feeler note to see how many people would be interested in a street party for the jubilee, the VE day one was a nice day I said, (hubby didn’t go, he was away that weekend). What about the Millennium one he asked, what Millennium one I asked, we didn’t have a street party for the Millennium, according to this note we did he said. That as baffled me, we were here for the Millennium, I know we didn’t go away or out as we didn’t have spare money at that time, but for the life of me I don’t remember a street party.  Anyway we both looked at each other and said together we are out  that day, so that’s made that choice easy.




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over here on Pete’s site for pics


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To business that we love we rise betime, And go to’t with delight. Shakespeare – Anthony and Cleopatra

Wednesday number 1 and I went into Birmingham to see B.O.C ‘s production of Life is a dream And it was a fantastic night out, no stage the actors are all around you, so you have to keep your wits about you, either that or get run over by a big bed! King Basil is told that his baby son Segismund would bring disaster to the country. The king tells his people that the prince died at birth and hides the child in a tower. When Segismund reaches adulthood, the King wishes to reveal his son, restoring the Prince as rightful heir to the throne. The King brings Segismund to court and tells him that he is the prince. This makes Segismund violent and he rages, killing a servant, attempting to rape a woman, and injuring the King’s advisor.
Horrified and certain of the truthfulness of the prophecy, the King has Segismund returned to his tower prison. Upon waking he believes the previous day’s events had been a dream.
The people have discovered Segismund plight and break him out of prison but he cannot be sure whether this new development is, reality or still just a dream.
Segismund raises an army of the people and defeats the king, but Segismund cannot take his father’s life. Moved at this gesture, the King proclaims Segismund heir to his throne. I dare say it will appear on youtube at some point and if it does I will put a link in.

Now I am waiting for this it’s the first time all six parts have ever been performed together.

I have made this cushion for the outside bench, and been in the garden making sure we eat this year


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Budget day


Budget 2012: The Statement At A Glance
Sky News – 17 minutes ago.. .

Budget 2012: The Statement At A Glance


The key points outlined by Chancellor George Osborne in his Budget statement to the House of Commons:

:: The top rate of tax will be reduced to 45p from April next year

“No chancellor can justify a tax rate that raises next to nothing and damages our economy.”

:: “We’ve capped benefits, now it is right to cap tax reliefs too.”

:: 50p tax rate has “caused massive distortions”.

He said: “This tax rate is the highest in the G20.

“It is higher not just than the tax rate of America but also of major European countries like France, Italy, and Germany.

“It is widely acknowledged by business organisations and international observers as harming the British economy.”

:: No change to pension relief for higher tax payers

:: Stamp duty on properties over £2m is going to increase to 7% from tonight

:: Vehicle excise duty is being frozen for hauliers

:: Fuel duty – the planned 3p rise in August is not going to be scrapped

:: Online gambling – a tax is to be introduced based on where the customer is

:: Duty on tobacco to rise by 5% above inflation from tonight, putting up a packet of cigarettes by 37p. He says this will discourage people from smoking.

:: Alcohol duty: the governemnt will shortly publish its strategy on alcohol pricing but today there are no further changes to the rate

:: VAT exemptions to remain on food clothes and books

:: Corporation tax to be cut by an additional 1% this April. It will be set at 22% by 2014.

:: Osborne: We want a competitive business tax – there will be tax credits for businesses

:: Some 20 million people are to receive a new tax statement outlining how their money is spent

:: The basic state pension will rise to £5.30 a week!!!

:: There will be an automatic review of the state pension age

:: Pledging a far simpler tax system he says one million low paid people have been taken out of tax. He said we want “a modern tax system for the modern world”.

The Government is moving forward with a plan to integrate income tax with National Insurance and will also address loopholes int he VAT system, he said.

:: Public sector pay will be “more responsive” to local situations

:: Sunday trading rules to be relaxed for 8 weeks over the summer

:: Planning regulations are to be overhauled – a national framework will be published next week. “There will be a presumption in favour of sustainable development,” he said.

:: He wants the fastest broadband for 90% of the UK and the best technology infrastructure

:: There will be a new fund for TV production and video games

:: Mr Osborne wants to turn Britain into Europe’s ‘digital centre’

:: There will also be significant investment in the medicines and drugs sector – £100m support for new research

:: There will be a huge boost for investment in the North Sea, including a £3bn new field allowance for large and deep fields to open up West of Shetland

:: Renewables to play crucial part in the UK

:: There is to be more investment in London transport

:: Roads, railways, clean energy and broadband networks will be prioritised by the National Infrastructure Plan

:: Plans to pass on low interest rates to small businesses through the National Loan Guarantee Scheme are confirmed

:: The Government will give an extra £100m for armed forces housing and 100% relief on council tax for armed forces overseas

:: The cost of operations in Afghanistan is £2.4bn lower than planned

:: Osborne: ‘There will be no deficit financed giveaways in this Budget’

:: The growth forecast for 2013 has been revised down by 0.1% to 2%

:: The OBR has revised up UK economic growth from 0.7% to 0.8% for this year

:: The OBR expects the UK to avoid recession in 2012

:: The Office for Budget Responsibility has revised eurozone growth down to -0.3%



I knew pensions were low, but come on



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Happy Spring

A person who never makes mistakes never makes anything

It’s the Equinox

First posted 09

Spring brings new life, mornings begin to get lighter there’s a fresh feel in the air and the spring sunshine is bright. New buds appear on trees and new plants push there way through the ground. The birds begin to rummage in the garden for little twigs and leaves to build their nests, ready for the new baby birds. The world awakes and new life begins.


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