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I got 100% on this bones test, and yes I am feeling smug, because I didn’t know I knew as many. 🙂

Pop over to Judy’s she has lots of fun Christmas stuff to play with.

Only distance tests the strength of horses;
only time reveals the hearts of men.
-Chinese Proverb

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A Funny and A Quiz

Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I came home last night to find all the windows and doors open and everything gone!

What type of sick person does that to someone else advent calendar?

Just for kate…

You Are Christmas Eve

You are a patient person, and you would agree that anticipation is sometimes better than the main event.
There’s something magical about the night before Christmas – when it feels like anything could happen!You are a somewhat quiet and spiritual person. You need a lot of alone time to process what’s going on around you.
You are optimistic and idealistic. You can’t help but feel like things are going to work out.


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Nearly Another Week Over

I’ve learned…
That under everyone’s
Hard shell is someone
Who wants to be
And loved.


Right first of all Saturday night, channel 4, 9 ‘o’clock, Sweeny Todd. I saw this as the cinema when it first came out, it’s worth a watch.

I got up yesterday with one hell of a sore throat and earache, and it hasn’t got any better over night, I have drunk that much hot tea and lemon I slosh when I walk!

You Love the Holidays More than Anyone

The holidays are a special time for you, and you try to keep the holiday spirit going all year long.
You believe that this season is all about giving, and you love the chance to practice generosity.Whether you’re making someone smile with the perfect gift or feeding everyone cookies, the holidays always elevate your mood.
Just putting on your favorite holiday song always warms your heart. Even if it’s July!  


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Wednesday, already!

I am the student,
and my experiences are my teachers.

I didn’t have to wait long at the hospital yesterday, but I still didn’t go for a wander around the shops, when I came out of the hospital there was a bus on its way, so I got on it and came home. The specialist has narrowed the problem down to either a brain infection or a mini stroke, which by all accounts lots of people have and never notice, somehow I don’t find that at all comforting. The remaining tingling is down to damaged nerve endings in my face. So I have been discharged with the usual ‘If it comes back, go straight to your GP, I will be happy to see you again’

On my way home I saw the first house (that I have seen this year) dressed for Christmas. Well we do only have 31 days left

Your Christmas Sprit Level: 55%

You have a lot of Christmas spirit, and it’s evident to most people who know you.
You love most things Christmas, and you do your best to make sure everyone has a great holiday.While you like the more commercial aspects of Christmas, you truly know what the spirit of Christmas is about.
You’re all about giving, being kind, and sharing the spirit of Christmas with everyone you know. 

🙂 🙂

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With maturity comes the courage and ability
to slow the hectic pace of life.
The wise know that a journey is meaningless
without occasionally stopping to enjoy the view.

We had a letter from the Gas board the other day saying they are putting the gas up as from the 1st December, just in time for the winter. What I want to know is how they work out that bit of the bill. Our meter reading is at the end of December so how do they work out how much of the gas was used before the increase.

Off to see the neurologist this morning, more poking and prodding, then I may go for a wander around the shops, or I may not.

SNOW, well for some and this is just wrong after 10 years she should have her own life sorted. I wonder if the table was turned, she would have been happy to hand over a share to her ex.


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funny pictures-...And Then the Celestial Voice
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

Saturday we headed into Birmingham to see Stravinskys-The-Wedding. Oh what fun that was,The performance took part around you, with actors running and dancing around you, you had to keep your wits about you. Either that or get knocked over, which I nearly did, (hehe). I would love to go to a full length one, (this one being only half an hour).

Sunday we headed to the seaside, Weston-Super-Mare to be exact, and their new pier which is very Impressive. In fact Weston is having a bit of a facelift and it’s looking good, even on a cold, cloudy, damp day it didn’t look as battered and dirty as it used to. Photos here

And that was our weekend.


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How many people?

You Are Cherry Pie

You are a total sweetheart, but you also have a tart side to you as well. You can’t help but be a little naughty.
During the holidays, you try to lighten the mood and keep things fun. You think that the holidays should be a time of joy… not stress.Your ideal holiday has lot of laughter and good times. You definitely prefer a holiday with zero drama.
You believe that people often forget that holidays are for celebrating. You try to make every holiday event a bit of a party. 

It isn’t necessary to understand things
in order to believe in them.

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No more icy roads I do hope this can be made viable, just think no icy accidents or tailbacks due to the weather, no school closures, and can we have it on the pavements too.

You Have an Active Imagination

Your mind is churning and producing new thoughts all the time. You are definitely good at imagining.You can visualize events pretty easily, and you’re not bad at thinking up new ideas.Believe it or not, you could be a bit more imaginative. All you have to do is give yourself permission.

Spend a few minutes each day daydreaming. It’s good for you, and who knows what might come of it?

There are seven horses in this picture, I can only find 5. How many can you see?

The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.


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Can you see…

The baby in the picture, don’t give up.
It’s really amazing when it actually appears.

You have to have an open mind.
Don’t look for a Baby, and you will see the Baby!
Once you see it you won’t see anything else!!!

Well can you see it?

And congratulations to William and Kate on their engagement, I watch a little of the report last night, well you couldn’t miss it could you. As usual the reports were all over the place, the ITV news announcing the news would be half hour longer to include an interview with the happy couple, then filling most of the hour with talk of the engagement. What I didn’t like was all the comparisons being made to Lady Di. Lady Di wore a blue dress on her engagement so did Kate, lady Di was a fashion icon, so will Kate be and so on. I feel sorry for her already. She is not her dead mother-in-law and I hope the press remember this.

“Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t.”

– Erica Jong


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OOh spicy, me?

You Are a Gingerbread House

A little spicy and a little sweet, anyone would like to be lost in the woods with you.


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