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That’s the last of the bank holiday weekends over for another year and as usual for a bank holiday it rained. We did quite well though and didn’t get too wet. I spent Saturday in the garden and had just packed away when the heavens opened.

Sunday morning hubby and I went to Birmingham Nature Centre. We had a lovely morning playing spot the insect/snake, aren’t some of them hard to spot in their little glass cages. Spent quite a bit of time watching the otters playing with a small round brick and a mommy meerkat snuggled up with her baby, it drizzled all morning but didn’t get heavy until we got back to the car. A very entertaining morning for £3.50 each and they didn’t take the mick with the price of a cuppa either.

On the evening number 1 took us to The Imperial to celebrate our anniversary. Its lovely food and their mussels with garlic and cheese are wonderful. The Imperial is a eat all you want places. I do like them, not because you can eat as much as you want but because you can try lots of different things. I do get annoyed by the waste though; a woman on the table next to us came back with a huge plate full of food and left most of it. Then there is the greed aspect, like the child behind us who had something like 8 ice-creams.

Monday was spent in the garden, tidying sheds and bits like that.

And now the sun has popped back out.

It is not because things are difficult
that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare
that they are difficult.



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18 years ago today


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There was a lovely crisp cold feel to the air this morning, and it was dry for the first time in days. The birds were going mad at the feeders and the fish were all at the bottom of the pond and the moon was shining away in the sky, (where else would it be)?

We now have 8 jars of green tomato chutney in the back of the pantry ready for Christmas, if it lasts that long.

 Here’s a nice little poem

-Margie DeMerell

There will be storms, child
There will be storms
And with each tempest
You will seem to stand alone
Against cruel winds

But with time, the rage and fury
Shall subside
And when the sky clears
You will find yourself
Clinging to someone
You would have never known
But for storms.


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121 days to go

Isn’t funny no matter how much you do there  is always more? I have spent the last few days gardening and deep cleaning and I still can’t see what I have done.

Whilst writing my what to do list for December, my mind went off on a trip down memory lane to how I would always get dressed up for Christmas, high heels, posh frock, full make-up, the works. Then how I would buy something new to wear every time I went out and how I would spend hours sorting out which pair of shoes and what jewellery would go with the outfit, doing my hair, make-up and the feeling of excitement of the evening to come. How things change, I hate clothes shopping now, I can get ready in 10 minutes and I never get that excited feeling any more.

My niece and nephew have just had their GCSE results and both did really well, which means my niece has got her place in sixth form and my nephew has  12 months to try to better his grades, (he took his GCSE’s a year early), so they are both happy bunnies.

I have been Christmas shopping, my local supermarket were having a 25% off sale, so I took advantage and got £50 worth of stuff for £37.50, I love a bargain.

This weeks Christmas film was The Nightmare before Christmas.

Each small task of everyday is part
of the total harmony of the universe.
-St. Theresa of Lisieux


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Now there is a line of thought that egg and sperm donors should be paid for their donation, as in some other counties. At the moment people donate because they want to help other people have families, won’t offering a payment make people donate for the wrong reasons and where will it stop, how long before we are being paid to give blood, donate organs and who/where is the money going to come from? Wouldn’t the money be better spent trying to find out why 1 in 7 people are infertile which does seem high to me, (if you believe the statistics that is).

Here on youtube is something to make you laugh, well it made me laugh, we all need a laugh now and then. While I was a wandering around youtube I came across this old song I haven’t heard this for years, and by years I mean I was still at my parents house, so that makes it about 28/29 years Deck of cards, do any of you remember it?


There aren’t any good guys,
and there aren’t any bad guys.
There’s just us. People.
Doing our best to get by.
-Neil Gaiman

Just in Daisy has a secret

Shhhh, I’ve got a secret.
That’s it. 🙂
Pass it on.
Don’t forget to pass on the smile.

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Sunday we went for a walk, not the walk we had planed to do. We didn’t think it wise to attempt it given that we have had a lot of rain over the past few days and the paths along the river are notorious for flooding and there was a fair bit of walking across fields. So we headed for Forge Mill, which is only a short car ride away and has a dairy farm and a nature reserve. We stated our walk in the farm, because I had to go and say hello to the cows and give a two month old calf a scratch on the head, she loved it, then we started the walk on the Farm Trail, only a mile which takes you around the back of the fields where we saw fruit laden apple trees, baby acorns, a field full of cows happily munching on grass, and a very happy cow having a good scratch on the fence. From there we went over to the nature reserve, on our walk around we saw a heron in a tree (I took photos, look for the one with all trees and click on it, the heron is on the right hand side). We were surprised to find the visitors centre had been burned down so we sat on the edge of the small pool and watched the water skaters and beetles and tried very hard to take a picture of the two dragonflies that were playing over the water, (again if you find the photo that looks murky and click and the one that looks like a walk and click you can just see them). Just before the end of our walk we stood and watched baby ducks swimming underwater. The parent ducks held the group together as the ducks at the back dived under the water and popped up at the front of the group, then the next couple at the back did the same. I must say they were all very well behaved.

Want to come along, well here you go.

We have been watching secret Britain to see if there’s anywhere we fancy visiting and last night one of the places they went to was Lud Castle and Rudyard lake in the Peak District, the area known as The Roaches. We went there last year.  (Click Leek if you want to read about that holiday).


I’ve learned…that it’s those small daily happenings that make life so spectacular.



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The moon is shrinking, well that’s not good is it? I thought we only had global warming, meteors, the sun exploding or is that imploding? Floods, drought, earthquakes, volcanoes, plague, pestilence and four men on horseback to worry about, and now they tell us the moon is shrinking. I wonder if that’s what is causing all this strange weather. Well it can’t be helping can it?

Number 1 pointed me in the direction of this site open culture, it hosts free old movies. I watched Hell’s house with Bette (Oh so beautiful) Davis and Pat O’Brien and then Piotr Dumala which was taken from Franz Kafka diaries.

I flicked through the local paper and found my house. Set on a hill with views across the countryside, extensive gardens and acres of land with a stream, lounge, kitchen, dining room, sitting room, shower room, four bedrooms one with a dressing room and one with its own sitting room, bathroom, office, games room, and a double garage. Now all I have to do is find £615.000.

X factor’s back, yea. Who saw it then? I loved Gamu the girl with the flower in her hair.

What makes a genius, the ability to leap beyond logic

to a warm place where flowers are cardboard and small

fluffy animals are still warm fluffy animals.

Dino 1961-2010



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